A Family Practice That Accepts Diversity

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Every day I ask myself, " How can I be a better person than I was yesterday?" We are all unique in some way. Every person has their own special needs and individual talents. I will do my best to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into any medical decision.

Thanks for stopping by. I am a family physician in Amherst, NH. My practice is predominantly traditional and includes routine physicals, vaccinations, management of acute and chronic illnesses, evaluation of injuries, and coordination of care with other providers. I enjoy working with people to help them achieve their health care goals and I see patients of all ages. I try to be non-judgmental and provide evidence based medical advice. I am a graduate of both Greenfield Community College in Massachusetts and Brandeis University. I received my medical degree from the University of Massachusetts and did my Family Practice residency in Erie, PA.

I think what sets me apart from other medical providers is that I know what it's like to be different. I was born Henry Joseph Madden Jr. and struggled for many years with my gender identity.
In May 2007, I had gender reassignment surgery in Montréal Canada under the care of Dr. Yvon Menard.

In July 2012, I published "
Confessions of a Transsexual Physician" which is an upfront story about the difficulties associated with transitioning from one sex to another. I feel it's a privilege to have lived both as a male and female. It grants me a certain perspective on the world that few are able to know.

I do have a special interest in providing medical care and hormone therapy to transgendered individuals. I am a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and follow their guidelines. In concert with other experts in this field including therapists, endocrinologists, and surgeons, I try to help individuals with gender dysphoria find peace within themselves.